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Tax management specialists.

Missing tax deadlines is costly, worrisome and ultimately has a negative impact on your business. S&S Accounting prepare and file tax and vat returns for large corporations and for small sole traders ensuring that our clients are fully compliant, have their returns filed on time and have access to the most up to date tax advice possible. We like to act as proactively as possible and take a forward thinking approach for our clients.

Income tax.

We can assist in the daunting task of filing tax returns for all incomes, including rental income and shares etc. Acting as your tax agent, our experienced staff liaise with the Collector General to ensure that all tax allowances are received, reporting is accurate and any payment negotiations are conducted with minimum of fuss and with the best outcome for, you, our valued client.

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At S&S Accounting, we work closely with our corporate and business clients to ensure tax compliancy and accurate record keeping. Timely filing of your company’s corporation tax returns is our priority in order to avoid a late filing surcharge and interest charges. Working together throughout the year, we make certain that your company’s taxes are correct and that you are fully tax compliant.

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gains tax.

Capital Gains tax and Capital Acquisition Tax: To put it simply, Capital Gains Tax is charged on the capital gain or profit made on the disposal of an asset. Capital Acquisition Tax is tax charged on gifts or acquisitions. However, the legislation around CAT/CGT is not simple and it is always advisable to seek the advice of a taxation expert as there may be significant savings to be made. Accurate reporting of CAT/CGT is essential. At S&S Accounting we have the expertise and the know-how to advise on any relief which may apply, calculate any liability and keep full and accurate records.

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Vat returns are a time-consuming aspect of Irish business. Incorrect filing and classification of items can cost more than just your valuable time. Fines, penalties and the possibility of a VAT inspection can be avoided with accurate and timely filing and assured compliancy. Our experienced staff will prepare and file your VAT returns as they become due, including proper classification of all amounts.

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We offer tax planning and advice to all our clients ensuring that an effective tax strategy is part of the overall financial plan and business strategy for your company. We ensure that you avail of all tax allowances and guide you through the complicated world of tax legislation.

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